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About Us

THE ROTARY BANGALORE WEST was started in the year 1977 (under the name of Rotary Club of Bangalore West Until 1995) with the object of development of acquaintance amongst leaders from different vocations as an opportunity for service and to carry out community based service projects and public awareness programs.

Being sensitive to the needs of the society, the Rotary Bangalore West has in this sojourn of service for 35 years, responded to the needs of the community by taking up projects in rural electrification, drinking water facility to the adopted village, equipping medical centers, hospitals and rehabilitation homes with a range of necessary machinery; conducting general and specialty diagnostic, treatment and surgical camps, providing telephone booths for handicapped as occupational assistance, bus shelters for general traveling public, exchange of cultural events with international community; content orientation program for teachers, computer training and teaching, conducting INTERMEET - a leadership development camp for youth in 14-18 age group.